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More From Kiyosaki

Excerpt from Kiyosaki,
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Three Approaches to a Crumbling Economy

I spoke to three young couples from Zimbabwe while I was in South Africa. Two couples were recent refugees now living in South Africa, and one couple still lives in Zimbabwe. All three couples had interesting stories to tell. One couple said that they would have quit their jobs earlier. Instead, they hung on, hoping the economy would change. Then, virtually overnight, the value of the Zimbabwean dollar dropped and inflation went through the roof. Even though they received pay raises, the couple couldn't survive and soon depleted their savings. They left Zimbabwe by car with almost nothing. If they could've done something differently, they told me, they would have started a business in Zimbabwe and began exporting products to South Africa, so that they would have had South African currency and a bank account there before they fled.

The second couple that fled the country said they saved money and paid off their house and other debts even as the Zimbabwean dollar fell in value. Looking back, they say they would've saved nothing and gotten deeply in debt in Zimbabwe, allowing them to pay off their debt with the cheaper dollars. Instead, they fled after they lost their jobs, leaving behind their house and owning $200,000 in nearly worthless Zimbabwean dollars. The third couple still lives in Zimbabwe. When they saw the writing on the wall, they set up a business in South Africa and, with the profits, began acquiring tangible assets in Zimbabwe. Often, they'll buy an asset in Zimbabwe and pay the seller in South African currency. They believe that once Mugabe is gone and order is restored, they'll be in a strong financial position.

Many Problems, Few Solutions

There are three major problems with the events of 1913, 1944, and 1971. The first is that the Fed, the World Bank, and the IMF are allowed to create money out of nothing. This is the primary cause of global inflation. Global inflation devalues our work and our savings by raising the prices of necessities. For example, when gas prices soared, many people said that the price of oil was going up. In reality, the main cause of the high price of oil is the decreasing value of the dollar. The Fed, the World Bank, and the IMF, like Zimbabwe, are mass-producing funny money, thereby increasing prices and devaluing our quality of life. The second problem is that our economic crises are getting bigger. In the 1970s, the Fed faced and solved million-dollar crises. In the 1980s, it was billion-dollar crises. Today, we have trillion-dollar crises. Unfortunately, these bigger crises mean more funny money entering the system

Robert Kiyosaki Why the Rich Get Richer

This is an excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki
Read the whole thing here
Interesting article, but I do not reccommend gold or a gold backed dollar.

Article begins:

How did we get into the current financial mess? Great question.
Turmoil in the Making
In 1910, seven men held a secret meeting on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. It's estimated that those seven men represented one-sixth of the world's wealth. Six were Americans representing J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and the U.S. government. One was a European representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs.
In 1913, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank was created as a direct result of that secret meeting. Interestingly, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank isn't federal, there are no reserves, and it's not a bank. Those seven men, some American and some European, created this new entity, commonly referred to as the Fed, to take control of the banking system and the money supply of the United States.
In 1944, a meeting in Bretton Woods, N.H., led to the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. While the stated purposes for the two new organizations initially sounded admirable, the IMF and the World Bank were created to do to the world what the Federal Reserve Bank does to the United States.
In 1971, President Richard Nixon signed an executive order declaring that the United States no longer had to redeem its paper dollars for gold. With that, the first phase of the takeover of the world banking system and money supply was complete.
In 2008, the world is in economic turmoil. The rich are getting richer, but most people are becoming poorer. Much of this turmoil is directly related to those meetings that took place decades ago. In other words, much of this turmoil is by design.

Power and Domination
Some people say these events are part of a grand conspiracy, and that might well be. Some people say they represent the struggle between capitalists, communists and socialists, and that might be, too.
I personally don't participate in the debate over a possible global conspiracy; it's a waste of time. To me, the wider struggle is for power and domination. And while this struggle has done a lot of good — and a lot of bad — I just want to know how to avoid becoming its victim. I see no reason to be a mouse trying to stop a herd of elephants from fighting.
Currently, many people are suffering due to high oil price, the slowdown in the economy, loss of jobs, declines in home values, increased bankruptcies and businesses closings, savings being wiped out, the plummeting stock market, and rising inflation. These realities are all direct results of this financial power struggle, and millions of people are its victims today.
An Extreme Example
I was in South Africa in July of this year. During my television and radio interviews there, I was often asked my opinion on the world economy. Speaking bluntly, I said that South Africans had a better opportunity of comprehending the global turmoil because they're neighbors to Zimbabwe, a country run by Robert Mugabe.
In my interviews, I said, "What Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe, the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF are doing to the world." Obviously, my statements disturbed many of the journalists. I did my best to comfort them and assure them I was not an anarchist. I explained, as best I could, that Zimbabwe was an extreme example of an out of control power struggle.
After they were assured I was only using Zimbabwe to illustrate my point, I said, "If you want to understand the world economy, take a refugee from Zimbabwe to lunch." I advised them to ask the refugee these questions:
1. How fast did the economy turn?
2. When did you know that you were in financial trouble?
3. When did you finally decide to leave Zimbabwe?
4. If you could do things differently, what would you have done?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sacramento Events: International Transgender Day

November 22, 2008 Saturday at 6:30 p.m. A Church For All, 721 North B Street, Sacramento. Annual interfaith candlelight vigil in observance of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. All are welcome.

This year’s vigil will be specially dedicated to the memory of Ruby Molina, a transgendered male whose body was found in the American River in September.

There will be speakers and refreshments will be served after the memorial.Information at

To read more about Ruby Molina

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is the Link Between Healthcare Providers and Proposition 8 Supporters?

While looking at the list of Top Proposition 8 supporters, one professional field keeps coming up. Healthcare. Look at the list here. Why is this? Is this just a career field that has a lot of conservative people in it or something else?
Is the healthcare industry trying to keep down costs by keeping the definition of marriage as narrow as possible?

According the Human Rights Campaign, the worry is baseless.
"In short, extending marriage to same-sex couples will have a negligible impact on the cost of providing employee benefits. In fact, because same-sex couples make up a small percentage of the U.S. population, the cost of allowing same-sex couples to marry will be no greater for employers than the costs caused by fluctuations in the U.S. heterosexual marriage rates."

But the fear remains. According the Pew Forum on Gay Marriage, only one percent of those polled consider economic reasons for opposing gay marriage. Still the concern remains, when it comes to healthcare professionals, they may more carefully consider economic reasons because the impact will directly affect their profession.

A person is pro or anti same-sex marriage is largely indicated by political affliation and if a person believes that homosexuality is biologically determined or not. So why so many healthcare professionals in the anti category? Isn't healthcare a science driven profession and therefore wouldn't healthcare professionals be more likely to be sympathetic to same-sex marriage?

Interestingly enough, no. Healthcare is being led by MBAs vs. MDs, so because healthcare has changed from a service to a business, it is easy to see how determining factor is the bottomline and not biology-- or even justice for that matter. The fight for same-sex marriage is reflecting the struggle of American healthcare. Profits vs. People.

Will human concern trump profitabilty? Not today, as for the future, we'll see.

Argghhh, So Behind the Times, Conservatives Ignore New Media

Conservatives haven't noticed that new media is king. Seems that Fox News is doing a very publicized show on the impact of, get this, television on the presidency. Hmm, okay, that would have been news 8 years ago. But the recent election, you know the one won two weeks ago, was won through new media. YouTube, email, twitter these are a few of the new giants of information and organizing. Talking about top-down politics, television is a hall mark of it. So why is Fox using its airwaves to herald the old guard? Well maybe its because they haven't realized there is a new guard. This blueberrybacon, still unimpressed with conservative opposition.

Schwarzenegger is a Governor even Democrats Admire

It is ashame that he wasn't born in the United States. Arnold the Statesman is bravely going where no California governor has ever had to go. Head to head with the biggest financial crisis in seventy years. He has the poise and posture that heroes are made of.

Don't get me wrong, I am not completely happy with his proposed budget; in fact, I think it sucks. But you have to admit, he always seems to make his first budget proposals so outlandishly offensive that it causes everyone to pay attention. And once everyone is paying attention, the negotiations in earnest begin.

That's leadership, getting all parties to the table to hammer out a deal. He has
a knack for substantive debate, something that is missing on his republican side of the aisle. He really likes results. And, let's hope he is flexible enough to expand revenue for California through the vehicle licensing fee.

Let's hope he can convince his own party that California needs expanding revenue.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, SP on the Stage Again

Is anyone else embarassed for her? I admit, I wasn't too sympathetic through the SNL skits and diastrous interviews, but now, it is just too painful to watch.
Sara Palin is turning out to be that party guest who just won't go home.

Sara Palin unleashed free to show people who she is and all of that, but jeez, she has no new material. Every sentence is rehashed from her campaign speeches. But the lowest point was with Greeta Van Susteren of Fox, an obvious fan, was struggling to find something to talk about. As the conversation drifted to dinner menus and what she watched on TV. There was nothing else to do but notice that she looked so over dressed and unnatural in the kitchen in her black dress and pearl earrings. We all know the Palin household is more relaxed than that. We saw the little girl fix the infants hair by spitting on her hand and then rubbing it on his head. (Can we all say---Yeck!). That's not a sign of June Cleaver, so why try to pull a fast one with the pearls in the kitchen?

Her favorite show seems to be Discovery Channels "Deadliest Catch.", a show about working commercial fishermen. Perhaps she longingly enjoys seeing men who actually work, because her husband is back to scanning Monster. com, as he has been for several years.

But don't mistake my acerbic wit for glee. No, this is a painful slow train wreck and I'm squirming for her. She's like that pretty girl at the frat party who walks in with every guy wanting her, and every girl jealous of her, until--one drink to many then she dances on the bar, or throws up or something and from that tragic moment on--she becomes a joke, an outcast, and she is the only one who doesn't know it.

But her peers do. On their faces you could see that the Republican Governors' Association meeting was hijacked by SP. She had Governors stand behind her while she had a 3 question press conference. I encourage you to look at the tape a see the Governors in the background and ask yourself, "Do they want to be there?" "Did they know that this was what was going to happen?"

Ouch. Please republicans, find yourself again. This is hard, too hard for all of us. Time to break away from Palin and get a new face, Bobby Jindal, Mitch Daniels. Someone, anyone please.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Housewarming Gift for Sarah Palin

I think that Sarah Palin needs some sort of reward. After all that palin’ around with McCain, all that travelin’ and all that shoppin’ She needs a reward. Something to welcome her home back up there in Alaska. What kind of
"Welcome Home" gift would be good? She needs a dog, you betcha, a dog!

What says “I am home to stay” more than getting a dog? Dogs are a symbol of domesticity and stability. After all, isn’t that what President Elect Obama is doing. He is moving the family to a new house in a new town, and getting a dog. A dog is the finishing touch to any family portrait, it says we are stable, we are planted, we are home to stay.

Sarah needs a dog. After two months of being fodder of late night comedians, of being openly resented by her handlers, grilled and shot down by conservative commentators after all of that, what did she accomplish? An inevitable Emmy for Tina Fey. We can all agree Sara has had a bad trip. So what better to welcome her home than with a cute bouncy ball of fur, a dog?

So I hope she gets a dog, just to let her know she is home and safe and she doesn’t have to ever leave again. A dog would be her buddy. It wouldn’t care that she thinks that Africa is a country and South Africa is the lower area, kind of like Dixie to the USA. No, a dog doesn’t need knowledge or intelligence to be happy, it just needs to be winked at and loved. Let’s skip the obvious joke that she should get a Pit Bull and call it Lipstick, although Sara would probably would want to call it Catie. I just want Sara to go home, kick around a bit, toss a stick, in the direction of Russia, to her furry buddy and feel so much at home that she will never, ever, ever, leave again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Syndrome

Got this in a email. Thanks Carol

Are you suffering from PES (Post Election Syndrome)?

Symptoms include uncontrollable:
desire to hug and kiss family, friends, and neighbors
There is no cure so sing, smile, laugh, cry, hug and kiss to your heart's content!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sacramento County Voter Information Polls Open at....

I am lifting this from website. Please check with that website for change in information. Posting here is only a public service but not a guarantee of information.

Important: Election Day is Tuesday, November 4 – If you plan to vote by mail rather than in person for the November election, keep in mind that you must sign the envelope, not the ballot, before mailing or taking it to a designated drop off location.

Read the press release for more information. Friday, October 31 is the last day to take your vote-by-mail ballot to one of the drop off sites. Saturday, November 1 is the last day for Saturday voting at 7000 65th Street Suite A. Office hours are 9 am – 2 pm. Vote-by-mail ballots can also be dropped off at any polling place within Sacramento County on Election Day. Polls open 7 am -8 pm.

Check online to be sure you are registered to vote and locate your polling place for Tuesday voting.

How Many Phones Can You fit in the Oakland Convention Center

This is From Students for Obama they said pass it along

For those of you who are not in Vegas or Colorado right now...We're going to help the Obama campaign promote the HUGE phonebank that they're organizing at the Oakland Convention Center on election day. They are going to start calling East Coast states at 4:00 AM, so we'll be putting up posters around Berkeley/Oakland area from midnight-3am.Sign-up here:
If you have a car to drive people around, please email me:
If you can't help with the late night blitz, you can still show up to make calls on election day:

California Democratic Ticket What Dems Are Voting

This was sent to me by the party via email. They said pass it on.

Vote the Ticket! Yes on 1A, 2, 3, 5 and 12!No on 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11!
Join Obama for America and the California Democratic Partyin a Rally for Change!
Monday, Nov. 3, 12 noon - 1pm
California State University, Fresno5421 N. Maple AvenueFree Speech Area at the heart of CampusFresno, CA 93740For more information,
Los Angeles City Hall200 N. Spring StreetTemple Street Steps Between Spring and MainLos Angeles, CA 90012For more information,
Sacramento Office1420 65th Street, Suite 102Sacramento, CA 95819For more information,
San Diego City Hall ‐ Concourse Plaza3rd Avenue & B StreetSan Diego, CA 92154For more information,
UA Local 381621 Market Street (x Franklin)2nd Floor of Main HallSan Francisco, CA 94103For more information,
Help is still needed in your area to get out the vote on Election Day for Barack Obama and the Democratic Ticket! Sign up now at!

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How to Make Sure Your Vote is Counted in Sacramento/Yolo County

Yolo County CA Voters
If you are on the voter list at the polling place and have not received a mail ballot , INSIST ON VOTING A REGULAR BALLOT AT THE POLLING PLACE.

If you have not mailed in your ballot or you have spoiled your mail ballot, BRING IT TO YOUR POLLING PLACE AND VOTE A REGULAR BALLOT.

If you are not on the voter list at the polling place, or you have lost your mail ballot, VOTE A PROVISIONAL BALLOT AT THE POLLING PLACE.

If you have any question about voting
Yolo United Democratic Campaign
530-231-5746 or 530-661-0118

Yolo County Election office
530-666-8133 or 916-375-6490

Early Voting in Sacramento and the Throughout California

Please share liberally.

GOTV Calling: "The only way to stay calm is to work."
Road Blog: Joe Biden, "Choose hope over fear"
California’s African American Vote in Early Voting

Aunt Zietuni and Sacramento

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 cannot get here fast enough. I am sick of Republican smears. If the Republicans can smoke out the senior aunt of Senator Obama, why can’t they get Bin Laden? If they spent this much energy on governing the country, they wouldn’t be behind in the polls. Hey here’s one for the Sherlock Holmes on the Republican campaign---Where did the USA prosperity go? Huh, have a lead? Need a clue? “Mission Accomplished”

No matter how sexy the news story, Obama’s aunt is a red herring. Let’s all think about November 5, 2008. Okay, if the voting isn’t fully counted yet, then November 7th. Whatever the date, when the election is over, there is an economy to think about. A slow, crawling, languishing economy.

Not sexy, but true. Yes, the growth of the GDP is what? A memory? An old timer’s story for our children? And as the GDP goes by the wayside, so goes what? Standard of living? Wait, before you think I am over exaggerating, turn to the other section of your newspaper, the local section. Guess what happened this week?

In Sacramento one big company dealt the city not just one blow, but two. Trouble of a good company struggling in a bad economy. Target Corp. is called the big box with a heart, because they dedicate a tithe of sorts to the communities they serve.

Representatives told the city of Sacramento that they are going to skip building a store at Broadway and Riverside. And then, if that wasn’t painful enough, they actually decided to skip the store in Westfield downtown too. So now the city has to sharpen new pencils with bigger erasers and adjust job growth and revenue projections.

Oh, did I mention dominoes? Here’s the thing, Target is an anchor store, that means that it provides the foot traffic for smaller stores. Certain stores rely on bigger stores for foot traffic. Think about the food court in a mall. Would there be reliable income for those small restaurants without the mall? So when Target goes, other more vulnerable businesses decide to cancel or not buy in also. So that click sound is the dominoes falling one after the other.

So why the big whoop over the latest attack on Senator Obama? We need to change the economy situation so family can bear the long cold winter that’s already coming.